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Coaching Women To Fulfill God’s Destiny And Purpose For Their Lives
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Biblical life coaching is now available from Sheila Tolbert, Certified Biblical Life Coach. Indeed, God has plans for you but do you know how to fulfil those plans? This is where you need the help of a Biblical Life Coach.

What is Biblical Life Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client in a creative process that inspires the client to maximize his/her potential. In Biblical life coaching, there is a shift from a humanistic philosophy to a philosophy based on God’s presence in the practice of coaching. You may be focused on either professional growth or personal growth. Either way, the biblical viewpoint takes center stage and it is combined with personal change, motivation, growth and development to effect the desired change. The effect of coaching is new awareness and you then move into action as you step into an abundant Christian life in your personal, work or business areas.

How can women benefit from Biblical Life Coaching?

Women have many roles to play. They are daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, workers, business women and Christians. They desire growth in all these areas and it is not easy. It is possible to focus on motherhood while failing to be fulfilled in the marriage or in career. It is also possible to focus on business at the expense of family and marriage. Some women try to be super-heroes and try to fulfill every area in their lives and they feel overwhelmed. What women need is balance and growth in each area, and Biblical Life Coaching can provide that.

Sheila Tolbert first builds a relationship with you based on authenticity, respect and trust. She does that by establishing an understanding of your unique psychological, behavioral and emotional needs and characteristics. She is knowledgeable and she applies that knowledge to help you achieve a fulfilling successful happy life through Christ. Here are the benefits of working with her:

1. Establish a firm foundation

Sheila Tolbert helps you to establish a strong faith in God as your foundation for everything. You learn to nourish that faith, to love God and to find strength and security through your identity in Him.

2. Set goals

Through Biblical Life Coaching, you learn to transform your vague ideas and aspirations into real SMART short-term and long-term goals in every area of your life. SMART goals are specific, attainable, measurable, relevant and time-bound. You also determine how to achieve each goal.

3. New awareness

Sheila will help you to change the way you think. Negative self-talk, which is entirely self-defeating, stands in the way of success. By becoming aware of self-defeating affirmations, you change each one to an empowering self-talk.

4. Overcome external and internal barriers

External circumstances such as too busy, lack of money, poor relationships with family members, illness, lack of support, etc., stand between you and success. Then there are internal barriers like low self–esteem, anxiety and fear which stop you from making progress. Sheila will help you to overcome each barrier and provide you with strategies for getting up whenever you slip.

5. You will be empowered, motivated, and inspired to take action

Sheila is committed to arming you with the tools you need to succeed in reaching your goals in every area of your life. Her ultimate goal is to help you to become self-motivated by adopting new ways of thinking and behaving. She helps you to create or maintain an environment that fosters success, and to find and implement a support system.

6. Create a life that you and God love

Through coaching, you learn to take ownership of your experiences and to design a life that God loves. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. You also learn to intentionally live a life that honors the purpose that God gave you.

7. Equipped to run the Christian race

Sheila will guide you to confidently run the race and persevere through hard times as you focus on the goals in which you have set.

8. Perfection not required

Biblical life coaching teaches you that you do not need to be perfect in everything since God is perfect for you. You can be imperfect in some areas and still be happy, knowing that God is on your side.

About Coach Sheila

Hi. I am Sheila Tolbert, Certified Biblical Life Coach. I coach women because I genuinely love empowering them through the word of God. Coaching will allow me to help women to fulfill their destiny and purpose by guiding them through the six-step life breakthrough coaching process and I will adhere to the following Life Breakthrough Coaching And Academy Christian Coaches’ Creed:

1. I will hold myself accountable to the highest level of integrity, honoring Jesus Christ individually and corporately, in all my associations with clients and colleagues.

2. I will maintain complete confidentiality with my clients, within the confines of the law.

3. I will be clear with my clients about the nature of the coaching relationship, including structure, fees, refunds, expectations and guarantees.

4. I will never give a client’s name to anyone, for any purpose, without express permission.

5. I will give credit where credit is due for materials supplied by other sources, respecting copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.

6. I will judiciously avoid conflicts of interest. If any should arise, I shall, without delay, inform concerned parties of my position.

7. I will represent myself honestly and clearly to my clients, and coach only within my areas of expertise.

8. I will actively pursue well being, wholeness, and continual learning in my own life.

9. I will refer a client to another coach if I am not within my area of expertise or comfort, so the client gets the best possible coaching.

10. I will honor my Christian values in my professional conduct, placing neither blame nor blemish on the name of Christ or the coaching profession.

Coach Sheila’s Qualifications

Certified Biblical Coach, Life Breakthough Coaching and Academy
Masters of Theological Studies – Palmer Theological Seminary
Ordained Minister – Victory Association in partnership with Victory Apostolic Church
Ministerial Diploma – Kingdom University – School of Ministry (under Dr. Cindy Trimm).
Masters of Education in Corporate Training – Loyola University of Chicago
Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Loyola University of Chicago

Why you should hire me as your coach?

I have been called and anointed to serve as a Biblical Life Coach and I am committed and dedicated to making a difference in the spiritual transformation of women’s lives by empowering them through the word of God. Allow me to serve as your personal biblical life coach and your life will never be the same because of the anointing, power, and authority which rest upon my life through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, please prayerfully consider purchasing one of the following individual or group coaching packages:

“I want to thank Coach Shelia for being the best life coach I could ask for! She helped me achieve goals ahead of time- with her support, confidence in me with her listening ear.

Alot of the push is really within yourself, if you want change and want better-having a extra cheerleader like her really helps. She has been an amazing life coach and the first I have used.

I look forward to continued success as our sessions come to a close”

Marquita Broussard

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